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Costumes, Hair & Make-up


Students must have one formal costume for each routine that they will perform in. Costumes will either be ordered from a professional costume supplier or custom-made to compliment choreography. In all cases, the studio director will do her best to find quality costumes for a reasonable price.

Finding reasonable prices can be a huge challenge, given that costume suppliers in Canada are limited and out of county suppliers set industry pricing. For the most part this means increased prices to account for currency exchange rates, duty charges and shipping and handling fees. It has been our experience that costumes and accessories will typically range in price from $75.00 to $175.00 depending on the age and size of the dancer.  Parents should be prepared to expect prices in this range and budget accordingly. We recommend planning for the higher end of the spectrum and being thankful when the bill is less than anticipated.

Costumes purchased through a costume supplier are not custom-made, and may therefore, require alterations. Alterations will be the responsibility of the student. The studio will not cover any of this expense.

All decisions related to group costume selection, style and color will be decided on by the studio director, in consultation with the class instructor. Students/Parents will not be consulted to offer their opinions on this decision. 

Students may require an informal costume for the Opening Finale at the Studio’s Year-End Recitals. Parents will be responsible for putting these outfits together. The anticipated value will be $25.00 or less.


Hair Styles

Because hair styles play a big part in the overall presentation of a routine, specific styles will be assigned to match the dance choreography. Hair styles will be determined by the studio director but it will be each dancer's/parent's responsibility to ensure that the styling expectations are achieved.  Please do not rely on the instructor's to assist with hair-dos, as they simply have too many other things to contend with prior to and during performances.



Make-up is the final touch to complete a professional costume, and it is therefore, a mandatory application for all dancers participating in a stage performance. Specific direction related to make-up application will be communicated in the weeks just prior to performance time.