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Competitive Dance Classes

Acro Stretch & Tumbling (5 & Up)

Acro Stretch & Tumbling is a class which is intended to help improve a dancer’s muscular strength, flexibility and endurance. It teaches students how to articulate their body in ways that elongate muscles from end-to-end through muscle and mind connection. The class will provide a platform for students to further develop their dance technique and expand their overall athletic skills. This class is highly recommended to complement any recreational or competitive class. This is a non-performing class.


Ballet (4 & Up)

Ballet is the foundation from which all dancing is built upon. By learning the fundamental techniques of this beautiful art form, any student, from young child to young adult, will have the base to perform any and all styles of dance. Ballet strengthens posture, balance, and flexibility and is the foundation for improving form and discipline.

Prerequisite: Students, ages 7 & up, must be enrolled in technique class.


Belly Dance (Adult only)

Belly Dance is a dynamic and diverse art form, incorporating a wide array of styles and movements from the folk, social, and classical traditions of numerous Middle Eastern cultures. As a form of exercise and self-expression, this style of dance offers a low impact, isolation, and cardiovascular workout. Contrary to popular belief, belly dance not only works the abdominal muscles, it encompasses the entire body.


Hip Hop (5 & Up)

Hip Hop is a unique mix of creativity, energy, attitude, music, posture, and choreography. This style of dance stems from the inner city streets, where the early urban influences of rap and the many different ethnic cultures, fused their dance disciplines together to form this funky energetic street dancing style.


Jazz (5 & Up)

Jazz is the fusion of ballet, hip hop, and tap. This combination of techniques creates exciting styles such as Broadway dancing, rock and roll, and music videos. The class focuses on strength, body placement, balance, and flexibility, as well as the student’s freedom to move with the styles and rhythms of today.


Lyrical (8 & Up)

Lyrical dancing combines classical ballet technique with modern and jazz dance, choreographed to contemporary music with a strong emphasis on expressing yourself.

Prerequisite: Students must be enrolled in technique class.


Modern (10 & Up)

Modern is an abstract style of movement, with or without a prescribed vocabulary. It can borrow from other disciplines (i.e., ballet, jazz, lyrical) and is based on such principles as space, force, weight, and time. Modern/Abstract styling is often characterized to reflect the choreographer’s vision or may be pure modern technique.


Musical Theatre (5 & Up)

Musical Theatre is a routine that involves interpreting a song from Broadway or a movie musical or portraying a character from a play, movie, television show, or a stereotype through any style of dance.

Prerequisite: Students must be enrolled in a ballet or jazz class.



Pointe is the action of rising onto the tip of toes while performing steps from ballet technique. Also known as pointe work, it is performed using hard toed pointe shoes. Pointe requires considerable strength and skill and is a central part of a ballerina’s training and repertory.

Prerequisite: Enrollment is by recommendation only.


Tap (4 & Up)

Tap dancing is the class, by which, an infinite number of rhythms are created with the toes and heels. This exciting class improves techniques of coordination, concentration, and movement. The class progresses in gradual steps to insure rapid improvement in students of all ages. The improvement includes endurance, and aerobic capabilities, as well as, speed.


Technique ( 7 & Up)

Technique is the foundation for all dance movement. It teaches a dancer to focus on the stylistic and performance aspects of dance. Technique is essential for leaps and turns, where correct posture is essential to properly execute such moves. This is a non-performing class.

Prerequisite: Required for ballet and lyrical class.