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Dance Fees

Registration Fees

Persons registering for a fulltime dance position at the studio will be charged a $25 Registration Fee at the time of enrollment. This fee will be refundable only if the studio cannot accommodate the class of choice, within the timelines that were communicated during the registration process, and as a result, the student will not be participating in any fulltime class at the studio.


Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees are charged in exchange for the student’s participation in the dance program. The studio offers discounted rates for those students who study more than one discipline of dance and it offers a family rate for families with more than one dancer. In calculating a family’s tuition, the fees will be evaluated using both the Single Student Rate and the Family Rate. In all cases, the lower price will be charged.


Costume Deposit

In an effort to help ease the huge expense associated with costuming, the studio invoices for partial costume payment at the time of registration.  The deposit is $100.00 for each performing class that the student enrolls in. Once a costume has been ordered, the deposit becomes non-refundable and payment on the remaining balance will be expected when the total costs are known. 


Payment Options Available

The studio has an interest free payment plan that allows families to finance their studio tuition and costume deposits over the course of the dance year. Payments can be divided into monthly, bi-monthly or semi-annual payments that incorporate the period between the time of registration through to April 15th at the latest. There are no additional costs associated with using the plan - provided that all payments are made as agreed to on the registration invoice.

In order to use the payment plan, post-dated cheques must be filled out to account for the total invoice balance and the first payment must be made payable on a date prior to the dance season commencing. The studio does accept cash, but if cash is the preferred method of payment, it should be noted that the balance will need to be paid in full or post-dated cheques must be issued in conjunction with the cash.

In the event a request to delay payment is made, there will be a 10% surcharge applied to any payments delayed by more than two (2) weeks. If after an additional two (2) weeks, payment has still not been made, an additional 10% fee will be attached to the new balance. Further delays, will be charged at a weekly rate of 5%.


Competitive Program Fees

For students choosing to participate in the Competitive Dance Program, a $25.00 charge will be applied to the base dance rate of each class that the student enrolls in. This fee is collected at the time of registration to help recover the additional expenses that will be incurred by the studio as a result of the Competitive Program requiring more funding - and being more labour intensive - than the studio’s Recreational Program. These charges can be incorporated into the studio’s payment plan program.


Competition Entry Fees

All festivals and competitions charge a Participation Entry Fee. These fees, which must be submitted by the studio at the time of registration, vary in price depending on the location and caliber of the event.  Prices for the venues are established by the hosting company.

Fees are charged on an individual basis, with each dancer charged for "every" routine they perform in. (To perform in a single group routine, the charge will likely range from $30 - $40.  You should expect a Special Project to cost twice that amount.)

Please note that once these fees are submitted to the competition company, they will not be refunded to the studio or the dancer.