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Director's Expectations


We recognize it is our responsibility, to do everything that we reasonably can, to ensure all the information you need -to have a positive dance year - is made available to you. Unfortunately, due to limited interaction between parents and instructors, we will rely heavily on your active participation in the communication process. 

Please visit our website ofter.  Pay particular attention to the Bulletin Board and Event Calendar.  We are counting on you, to keep yourself “in the know” and then ask questions if you have any!


Observation Areas

Parents are not to be in the studio instruction areas during class time - the exception being only for our pre-dance and pre-school sessions. The facility is equipped with windowed observation areas for your viewing purposes. Please keep noise and activity in the waiting/observation areas to a bare minimum during class time. When the noise gets out of control, it can be very distracting in the dance instruction studios. It can also be an issue for fellow spectators.


Parent Pick-Up/Drop-Off

Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child gets to and from class on time. The studio will not be investigating absences from class, so please ensure that your child is accounted for.

It is suggested that students, who are waiting for a ride after class, remain inside the building until their ride arrives. Parents are encouraged to come into the studio to pick their children up, rather than allowing them to stand unsupervised, outside of the facility.


Studio Instruction Areas

Street shoes should never be worn on the floors in the dance instruction areas; dust, dirt, and debris from the shoes can lead to falls and injuries. Students are not to lean on or touch studio mirrors and they are not to hang or swing from the dance barres. Teaching tools, props, visual aids, and sound equipment are not to be used without permission from the instructor. Students should not be bringing food, beverages, or gum into this area.