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Full Season - Option 2 - Competitive Dance

Competitive Classes

The competitive dance program is structured to be a more intense program. The students are challenged to learn new choreography quickly and a strong focus is placed on dance technique, artistic development, and performance etiquette. Routines are choreographed with advanced, age appropriate dance steps and detailed technical teamwork.

The competitive program is recommended for the student, who sincerely loves to dance and is willing to commit to practice, performance, and perfection. Competitive dancers must be taking at least two fulltime competitive classes each season. Doing so, helps to ensure that the dancer progresses at a speed compatible with peers at the studio and fellow dancers in the same age category at competitions.

As a member of the Competitive Dance Team, there is a higher level of commitment financially. These expenses are the sole responsibility of the student/parent/guardian. Additional costs include, but are not limited to, purchasing a team jacket, competition entry fees, travel expenses, meals, and potential hotel accommodations. Students on the competitive dance team will perform at a minimum of three regional competitions during the dance season.

All competitive students finish the year by showcasing their talents at the In Sequins… Studio of Dance Year-End Showcase and Recitals. These performances are held annually on the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of May at Griffin Park Theatre in Brooks. Competitive students are required to perform in all three performances.