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Short Term Attendance

Pre-Dance Sessions (2 year olds)

Class Description

The Pre-Dance session is intended to be an introduction to dance, to music and to creative movement. It is a spontaneous class that focuses on the basics of rhythm and movements such as jumping, twirling and sliding to music. Classes are interactive with a variety of props and instruments used to enhance the curious and playful minds of toddlers.

Because children at this age may require extra attention, such as, assisted potty breaks during the class, Mommies (or other family members) must remain at the studio during class time. Parents are not required to participate in the scheduled activities, but they are welcome to join in, if they so choose.

Dress Code

Students are not required to wear specific dance attire, but we ask that they be dressed in comfortable clothing that they can move freely in.


Intro to Ballet Sessions (3 & 4 year olds)

Class Description

Children in this session are gently introduced to the classroom environment and to the steps and terminology of ballet. The class is semi-structured to allow for a combination of motor skills growth, creative movement activities, and student self-expression. Balance, concentration, coordination and turn-taking abilities will be a focal point. Props and instruments will be used to add variety and imagery to the class.

Dress Code

Students are required to wear a bodysuit with tights and ballet slippers. Colors and styles are optional and adding a dance skirt or form-fitted shorts is permitted. (If your child dislikes the tights, please don’t force the issue. Doing so, will bias his/her opinion of dance. If they dislike the clothes, they will dislike the dance experience.)

When shopping for dancewear, consider comfort first.


Adult Dance /Fitness Sessions

Class Description

Adult sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of students. The studio is willing to coordinate classes by request and for any discipline of dance that is already taught at the studio. Normally, students enroll into a publically advertised class, however, the studio can accommodate a closed session that is held for a group of friends.

Previous dance experience is not necessary; classes are structured to accommodate both beginners and those with previous dance experience. There will be no performance opportunities offered or required, so if stage fright is holding you back, don’t let it! Session dancers will dance within the confines of the studio only.

Dress Code

Participants are welcome to wear any form of dance wear, including yoga attire, sweat pants, shorts or capris and tank tops or t-shirts. Belly Dance students may choose to add a coin belt or hip scarf at their waist but this is not a requirement. (Coin belts can be purchased at any belly dance costume supplier or you can purchase one from the studio.)


Private Organizations/Groups

The Studio is willing to cater to schools, clubs, organizations, church groups, wedding parties, etc. Classes can be set up in sessions that include X number of classes. For more information please contact us!