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Our Reputation Speaks Volumes… Ask your friends, Ask your neighbours.

Enthusiasim - Day After Day

Kaleesha, I really felt the need to contact you on a personal note and thank you so much for all the inspiration and commitment to my girls and helping them to fall in love with dance.  I could not have asked for a more wonderful, committed and incredible person to take my girls to where they are today.  Your energy level always amazed me, coming into your studio after a long day and watching you infuse the room with enthusiasm and joy, day after day, often later at night – I truly don’t know how you do it!  We will miss you immensely and I just want to thank you.  

Adine Neilson - May 2009
a very talented teacher!

Amazing ... Miss Kaleesha is a very talented teacher who not only inspires everyone but also builds confidence through dance. In Sequins has everything you could want in a dance studio.

Tia Argue - 2012
Reflection of Your Love

Miss Kaleesha,  (As I was so badly trying to say the other day…)  I know you say that it’s your job and what we pay you for, but there are people who do their job and people who love their job.  You love what you do, and it reflects on your students and is why I continue to come back.  Both Kate & Sara adore & look up to you and you’ve never disappointed them.  This year really challenged Kate’s abilities and confidence.  Your constant belief in her and your push for her to keep going and trying has helped her mature so much this year.  I couldn’t believe that the small girl, who never wanted to be the center of attention, found courage to dance on stage alone.  We are so proud of her.  Thank–you for believing in her and helping her to believe in herself.  You have given her something that as her parents, we couldn’t, no matter how hard we try.  Thank-you for also teaching Sarah to be courageous and have fun at the same time.  She may not always have shown it, but she did enjoy dancing very much.  I hope that at sometime in their lives, your children have a “Miss Kaleesha” -  a stranger who impacts their lives in such a positive way , as you have done for mine.  Have a great summer.   P.S.  Rest up… I’m fairly sure independent Eva is coming your way!

Jodi Niznik - 2010
So Much More than Dance Lessons

Four years is not a long time, but after four years with In Sequins I can look back and say that a huge portion of good memories I have, are from the studio and with the family you've let me be a part of.  I cannot thank you enough for all of the experiences you've given me.  The dance lessons, the life lessons, the heart-to-hearts and the laughs have helped me grow so much, and I can't believe the run is over already.  I feel like my time with you and everyone at the studio has been cut short.  I've got so much left to learn and so uch dance left in me, but i know that though I can't stay, you will continue to inspire me to do my best, to slow down and breathe under pressure, and to execute everything I do with confidence and enthusiasm.  You've provided me with a huge souce of happiness through what have been the most challenging years of my life so far and I don't know where I'd be without the outlets you've provided me.  I can't wait to come back and watch the studio continue to improve and strive year after year!  Thank you so much, again, for everything Kaleesha.  It has meant the world to me.

Nicole - 2014 Graduate
The fun side of ballet!

Dear Miss Kaleesha… Without you, I would never really have seen the fun side of ballet. I will miss having a dance instructor who really understands me.

With love, Your student, Sara Holton - Age 8 - May 2010
Just Like Family

We have been a part of the In Sequins Dance Family since Miss Kaleesha opened her studio in 2005.  When I think of Miss Kaleesha these words come to mind: dedicated, imaginative, energetic and extremely talented. We could not ask for a more accommodating, personable, and challenge-oriented dance studio.  We are very proud to say we have been a small part of the ever growing success of this fantastic studio.  Thanks for all you do for every one of your “family” members.  

Michele Labrie & Dakota Jackson - 2012
Like a Second Family

The In Sequins studio, the teachers and fellow dancers have become like a second family to my girls and myself.  Everyone involved in the studio is there for the love of dance and our kids.  I can't say enough positive things about the teachers and the connection they have with each child.  Both of my girls consider Kaleesha and all the staff role models and friends for life.  I can't thank Kaleesha and the In Sequins dance family enough for all they do for my girls!!  

Leah, Hailey and Kassidy Palmer - 2012
There From the Beginning

In Sequins has been part of our lives from the day they opened their doors.  We have not only watched the studio change and grow but have watched our child bloom into a wonderful dancer all due to the dedication of such wonderful instructors.  The family atmosphere has made it easy to bring our youngest on board!  So exciting!!   

The Gordon Family - 2012
Developing Confidence and Individuality

In Sequins dance studio has provided my family with exceptional dance instruction.  What impresses and sets them apart in my eyes, is the quality of their teachers.  The knowledge and love of dance shines through, but more importantly the instructors' love for their students is evident in all that they do.  They truly care about each student’s all round health no matter the child’s level of dance.  In Sequins has given my children a stable and safe venue where they have been encouraged to grow and develop in confidence and individuality as they master dance.  To reinforce my words, after a family tragedy that left my children devastated, the first place my girls wanted to return was to the comfort of the dance studio.  I only wish all parents could have such a positive venue to play a role in the development of their children.  

Gilborn Family - 2012
Through the Years

There are so many wonderful things I could say about Kaleesha, all the instructors, the atmosphere, and just the studio as a whole.  I don't think my email could fit it all.  But the one thing I can say about In Sequins is that I love it.  The kids are not thought of as just students and the parents are not a cheque number, you are considered family.  They are there for you through good times and bad, with patience and above all understanding.  You are welcomed into an ever expanding and extended family environment that you can't help but feel that you have known the staff and everyone within the studio for a lifetime.  And this relationship extends far beyond the dance season, but throughout the years.  Every family, even for one season should experience In Sequins. The friendships that are made will last a lifetime, beyond the dance.  My children have not only thrived from the love of dance, but have embraced the passion that their instructors have for it and made it their own.  They have been taught from the studio, and especially Kaleesha, that anyone can dance.  No matter what, anyone can tap, hip hop, or even be a ballerina as long as your heart is in it.  Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough said, for the years my family has been at In Sequins. But it's all I can say for giving me the opportunity to gush just a little about the studio.  There are just too many pedestals i could put you all on, and praise you for everything for have done for my kids, and for what you truly mean to us. 

The Massicks - 2012